An Introduction to Bath Aids and Shower Aids

Bath Aids or Showering Aids are disability aids or independent living products that allow mobility-impaired users to undertake daily hygiene tasks within the bathing or showering area.

In this article, we will specifically cover what the options are when it comes to disability aids for the bathroom.

Disability aids for the bathroom can be broadly divided into Bath Aids and Toilet Aids.

Bath Aids or Shower Aids assist a user to use the bath or showering area independently, confidently and most importantly safely.

On the other hand, toilet aids allow disabled users to perform daily hygiene tasks without the need for assistance in order to maintain their dignity and self-respect.

Here is a list of Bath Aids that can be used by the disabled, elderly and mobility impaired users for showering or bathing:

  • Bath Boards: Bath boards are a bath aid that can be fitted on top of a bathtub, allowing the user to comfortably sit while they are bathing. Bath boards are useful for users who don’t feel confident on their feet and have a high risk of slipping and falling while in a bathtub. 
  • Bath Transfer Bench: As the name suggests, this disability aid is used to transfer a user inside the bathtub whilst in a sitting position. Usually used for wheelchair-bound users or when the user has no strength to lift their legs to come in and out of the bath.
  • Bath Chairs and Stools: Another bath aid that can be used by mobility-impaired or elderly users. If the user feels unstable on their legs, it is best they remain seated while bathing. 
  • Bath Steps: If a user has limited mobility or strength in their leg muscles then bath steps are a good option. They will allow the user to easily come in and out of a bathtub by reducing the distance that they need to cover while entering and exiting the bath.
  • Shower Seats: Similar to bath seats, these disability aids can be used within the showering area. You can find freestanding chairs and stools or foldable showering seats that can be attached to the wall.
  • Grab Rails or Grab Bars: Grab Rails also known as grab bars are safety devices that are screw mounted using hinges and provide users extra support within the bathing area or the toileting area. Users can hold on to grab rails to allow them to feel more confident within the bathroom and provide better user safety, mobility overall.

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